Associate Spotlight - Scott, Safety Specialist

Scott Philips is the Safety Specialist for the New York and Southern New England Divisions and has been a member of the Coca-Cola family for 23 years in a variety of roles. One thing has always remained the same: his passion for helping the company and his fellow co-workers stay safe. 

Associate Spotlight - Gerry, Driver

Gerry has been a member of the Coca-Cola family for almost 30 years. He’s a driver at Coca-Cola Lowell and with his experience and knowledge, he trains much of the new talent coming in.   “It’s fun,” he says, “If we get a good person that’s coming in and is eager, it’s nice to get them on the road and teach them on the job. It takes a different person to come into this role.”

Associate Spotlight - Cristin, Training and Development Manager

You would think Cristin Sutherland has been working at Coke Northeast for years the way she is able to walk into a room and instantly connect with associates. But she actually started at Coca-Cola Londonderry just over two years ago as the Large Store District Sales Manager (DSM). Now, Cristin is the new Training and Development Manager at Coke Northeast.   Q: You have a really special way of ...

Associate Spotlight - Billy, Maintenance Manager

Billy Mayfield has been working at Coke Northeast for 6 years and in that time has “scratched his way” to the position of Maintenance Manager at the East Hartford Production Facility. When you speak to him, it’s obvious that he takes pride in his work and more importantly, his team.

Associate Spotlight - Dimitry, Transport Driver

Dimitry is a transportation driver at Coca-Cola Boston. He's worked at Coke Northeast for almost 13 years and in that time has earned himself the nickname “The Mayor." He has a special view of the people he works with. To Dimitry, his coworkers are more than just colleagues; they’re his friends and he feels a responsibility to make sure their voices are being heard by supervisors and managers.

Associate Spotlight - Ray, Sustainability Manager

Ray Dube has been working for Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast since 1981. He started at the company loading delivery trucks after school then became a delivery driver, merchandiser, salesman, account manager, and finance analyst, not to mention he served six and half years in the Marine Corps. He’s one of those people in our company that you can turn to and ask a question about almost any aspect of ...

Associate Spotlight - Carriesue, Office Administrator

Carriesue is an Office Administrator at Coca-Cola Londonderry and has worked at Coca-Cola for 21 years. During her time she’s worn many different hats and seen the company go through various stages of change. As a kid, she would leave little notes for her dad, a Salem Coke associate for 38 years (20 of those as a driver), which said “Can I go on the truck with you today? Check yes or no.” and ...

Associate Spotlight - Phil, Merchandiser

Phil has been a merchandiser with Coca-Cola Westborough for 19 years. His knowledge, experience, and customer-first attitude are all reasons he was nominated to be recognized this month.

Associate Spotlight - Diana, Machine Operator

Diana has worked in the Coca-Cola system for 21 years and is currently a machine operator at the Londonderry Production Center. She’s no stranger to change and she’s the type of person to see the silver lining in all things.

Associate Spotlight - Robbie, Driver/Merchandiser

Robbie walks into the Portland, ME sales center at 5:30 AM and he’s whistling a cheery tune. Typically, brand new dads are a little groggier and on their second cup of coffee this early in the morning but not Robbie. It should come as no surprise that he's earned the nickname “Happy." Robbie has been working at Coke Northeast for 20 years as both a merchandiser and a driver. “It’s pretty much ...