Associate Spotlight - Ray, Sustainability Manager

rayRay Dube has been working for Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast since 1981. He started at the company loading delivery trucks after school then became a delivery driver, merchandiser, salesman, account manager, and finance analyst, not to mention he served six and half years in the Marine Corps. He’s one of those people in our company that you can turn to and ask a question about almost any aspect of the business and he’d be able to give you an answer.

Since 2013, Ray has held the title of Sustainability Manager and has been teaching over 100+ days a year across New England on recycling and Coke Northeast’s efforts to better the community.

Q. How did your career progress at Coke Northeast?
A. Being a driver/merchandiser for Coca-Cola is a very physically demanding job and my injuries were piling up. I ended up getting my Bachelor's in Finance and Economics from SNHU (at the time it was New Hampshire College) through our partnership. With my degrees, I was able to move from the truck to the corporate office.
Q. What’s the best part of your current job?
A. I love teaching the kids and seeing their faces when you tell them a Northface jacket is made from our bottles.
Q. What’s the most challenging part of your job?
A. Overseeing the five state bottle bills and constantly educating internally and externally on how the systems work.
Q. What’s your favorite memory from working at Coke Northeast?
A. My favorite would have to be winning our first sustainability award. Because of that, we converted a very large Pepsi account to a Coke account.
Q. Why would you recommend working for Coke Northeast?
A. We have great benefits, and there are plenty of opportunities to move up, as I have, as long as you take initiative.
Q. What is your favorite product we sell?
A. Vitaminwater XXX zero

Thank you, Ray, for your service to our country and our company. If you or someone you know is interested in career opportunities at Coke Northeast, visit