Our True North

In the very early stages of our re-branding process we recognized that this is more monumental than just changing our name. For the first time since our major re-franchising deal in 2017, we are uniting under a shared identity. A new identity means a new opportunity for us to write our next chapter together. What makes us uniquely Coke Northeast? Why do our associates get up and come to work every morning? How can we make the biggest impact? Who do we aspire to be? All questions we answer in a document we call Our True North.

Our True North is our new mission, vision, and values framework for Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast. It was informed by robust input from a cross-section of associates and the Executive Leadership Team over the past year and we’re excited to share it with you here.



In forming Our True North, it was also important for us to align with our ownership--Japan’s Kirin Group. Since 1977 Kirin has been central to our company’s growth and success. We are both strongly committed to Creating Shared Value (CSV). CSV is to be a force for positive change and social progress in our communities because we recognize doing so will only help our business grow.


These are more than just words on paper. We live Our True North through many key community partnerships including the Special Olympics, The BASE, Save the Harbor Save the Bay and our long-standing scholarship program for children of our associates. We’re excited to continue expanding upon this by using Our True North as guiding principles on this new journey, together, as one resourceful team!