Innovation Gurus Unbottle DASANI’s Sustainable Packaging Breakthroughs

DASANI today announced a series of sustainable packaging breakthroughs that will help remove the equivalent of 1 billion virgin PET plastic bottles from the Coca-Cola supply chain over the next five years in support of the company’s global “World Without Waste” vision.

In addition to introducing aluminum cans and resealable aluminum bottles, and ongoing efforts to lightweight its entire packaging portfolio, America’s leading mainstream water brand will roll out HybridBottles™ made with a mix of up to 50% plant-based, renewable material (PlantBottle) and recycled PET (rPET).

dasani hybrid bottles

“We’re leveraging our decade of investment in leading-edge PlantBottle technology while reducing virgin plastic from our supply chain,” said Sneha Shah, group director, packaging innovation, Coca-Cola North America. “These innovations signal our commitment to incorporating recycled and renewable content to help drive a circular economy.”

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