Diet Coke Takes on Complex Topic of Labels By Taking Off its Own

Diet Coke is removing its labels to help Americans start a conversation about theirs.

diet coke no labels

A limited-edition run of label-less Diet Coke cans signals the launch of [unlabeled], a multi-year platform intended to spark an ongoing and authentic conversation about the complex – and often sensitive – topic of societal labels. The 12-oz. sleek cans of Diet Coke and its six new flavors are showing up exclusively at select cultural events this summer, including Essence Fest, Girlboss Rally, the National Urban League’s annual conference and Pride parades in Los Angeles, New York City and San Diego.

The first phase of [unlabeled] will explore the nuances of labels and what they mean to different people. Certain labels are empowering and earned, and others are unwarranted and imposed. Some people fight for and embrace labels as a means of self-expression and even protection, while others reject divisive labels that are loaded with stigma and reinforce negative stereotypes. 

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