DASANI Boosts Sustainability Credentials With Launch of Recyclable, Reusable and Package-less Innovations

Blue is the new green.


DASANI – a brand that has been at the forefront of sustainable innovation since debuting PlantBottle™, the first fully recyclable PET bottle made partially from plants – today previewed a pipeline of packaging breakthroughs that will remove at least 1 billion virgin PET plastic bottles from its supply chain over the next five years.

America’s leading mainstream bottled water brand will roll out a next-generation lineup of recyclable, reusable and package-free options – anchored by the first-ever HybridBottle™ in the U.S. made with a mix of up to 50% plant-based, renewable material (PlantBottle) and recycled PET (rPET). These 20-oz. bottles will launch nationwide in mid-2020 and will include on-pack messaging educating people about HybridBottle technology and encouraging them to recycle.

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