Associate Spotlight - Billy, Maintenance Manager

Billy Mayfield has been working at Coke Northeast for 6 years and in that time has “scratched his way” to the position of Maintenance Manager at the East Hartford Production Facility. When you speak to him, it’s obvious that he takes pride in his work and more importantly, his team.

billy mayfieldQ. What positions have you held at Coke Northeast?
A. I started off as a 3rd shift technician then moved up to 1st shift. After that, I became the 2nd shift maintenance supervisor, 1st shift maintenance supervisor and am now the maintenance manager.
Q. That’s quite the career progression over 6 years. Can you talk about the ability to grow here?
A. Looking around at the management meeting in the mornings, every single one of us at the table started as an hourly associate: the production manager started as a production supervisor, I started as a 3rd shift tech, our safety environmental manager started as a QA tech, and the list goes on. We’re trying to breed an environment for people to be more successful. That’s what I think is really special about this place.
Q. Can you explain what you do as the maintenance manager and what a typical day looks like?
A. In a nutshell, as the maintenance manager, it’s my responsibility to prioritize all department needs across the plant to keep the business moving forward. An average day consists of prioritizing major production line issues to increase efficiency and always getting ahead of issues proactively. I also like to touch base with all associates and provide any value-added information to keep the plant running efficiently.
Q. What’s the best part about your job?
A. The best part of the job is the camaraderie in the maintenance department. It’s a total team effort. We have 25 people in the department, including three new hires. Aside from the new hires, the lowest seniority is 2 years. I’m really proud of that. I feel like we’re all on the same page and breed excellence. Nothing happens here that doesn’t come through maintenance, so to have that consistency and trust is important.
Q. What is the most challenging aspect of your job and how do you overcome it?
A. The most challenging part of my role is staying on top of the ever-changing technical landscape of manufacturing equipment. Equipment becomes more technical as time passes. It’s key to keep up with training.
Q. What is your leadership style?
A. The leadership in this department aims to lead from the front. By that I mean, we don’t ask our team to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves. It’s important for us to be here on Saturdays when we ask our associates to be here on Saturdays. Most of us spend the majority of our time at work. I work about 60 hours on a good week. We spend that time together. So if I ask a guy to work the 3rd Saturday in a row to cover production, I think it means more when I’ve been there with him the whole time. That’s how we like to lead in maintenance and I feel like it’s been successful.
Q. Do you have a favorite memory from a day on the job?
A. A favorite memory of mine is from my first day working with the seasoned maintenance techs and wondering how long it took them to add value to a business that has such a technical variety of equipment. 
Q. Would you recommend working here?
A. I would recommend Coke Northeast to any motivated person willing to work hard and make a difference in a team environment. 
Q. What is your favorite product that we sell?
A. Dasani Water

Thank you, Billy, for your dedication and hard work! If you or someone you know is interested in career opportunities at Coke Northeast please visit