Associate Spotlight - Robbie, Driver/Merchandiser

Robbie walks into the Portland, ME sales center at 5:30 AM and he’s whistling a cheery tune. Typically, brand new dads are a little groggier and on their second cup of coffee this early in the morning but not Robbie. It should come as no surprise that he's earned the nickname “Happy." Robbie has been working at Coke Northeast for 20 years as both a merchandiser and a driver.
“It’s pretty much just the way I’ve always been: bubbly and happy. I’m a people person. I love getting to know and talking to people. I love my customers and they love me so it makes for a great job.”

His co-workers rave about him and at each of his stops, customers know him by name and look forward to his delivery.

“He’s positive and energetic. I wouldn’t replace him for anything. He’s the best one there is,” said 7-11 associate Jack.

Q. What’s the best part about your job?
A. Mostly the customers. It is hard work, and you have to be dedicated, but the people make it worth it. I like that I get to be out and on the move all day!

Q. What’s the biggest challenge?
A. We haul big loads and Portland is pretty busy, but I just set my mind to it and get it done!

Q. Would you recommend working at Coke Northeast as a driver?
A. Yes! Good pay, good benefits, and good people! If you want to work you can get right in there because there are so many opportunities.

Q. What’s a misconception about your job?
A. A lot of people think that it might not be for them because of the long hours, but I think it’s beneficial. It makes me feel accomplished after the day is over.

Q. Are you a morning person?
A. I didn’t use to be, but I am now!

Q. What has been your favorite memory from a day on the job?
A. Actually, my wife and I just had a baby and a lot of the customers I deliver to know that so a few of them got her little outfits. It was awesome, they were all so happy saying “I got this for your daughter!” and they wanted to see pictures. It’s just those types of relationships you can make with this job.

Q. What’s your favorite Coca-Cola product?
A. Diet Coke! But sometimes I’ll sip on a NOS throughout the day.

Thank you, Robbie, for your hard work ethic and positive can-do attitude. If you or someone you know is interested in career opportunities at Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast, visit