Associate Spotlight - Carriesue, Office Administrator

Carriesue is an Office Administrator at Coca-Cola Londonderry and has worked at Coca-Cola for 21 years. During her time she’s worn many different hats and seen the company go through various stages of change. As a kid, she would leave little notes for her dad, a Salem Coke associate for 38 years (20 of those as a driver), which said “Can I go on the truck with you today? Check yes or no.” and fought for 2 years to get on a truck herself!


Q. Where did you start out in the company?
A. I’ve held a lot of positions! I first started off at 1998 Salem Coke as a cashier and then they gradually moved me into accounts payable. An opportunity came along at corporate in 2001 on the AR team. I was only there for 11 months. I wanted to get on the truck and deliver to the customers and see everything that we do. When a driver position opened up in Salem, Tom Nassoura took a chance on me. I didn’t have my license but I was willing to learn. There were guys that said, “Oh we’ll give her a month” well that lasted 7.5 years! After that, I went to Coca-Cola Manchester where I spent the majority of the time on the truck. I had gotten injured twice while I was on the truck so they had suggested I start thinking about coming back into the office or helping out in the warehouse. So I ended up in the mornings until 9 am, I was doing tell sell back then and then I would go into the warehouse and do all of the POS the salesmen had made for them, and then I’d check pallets and load trucks. I got my forklift license too! Then when Manchester closed, they asked me to be part of the fleet when I came to Londonderry. I like to get my hands on everything.

Q. Wow! Talk about seeing the business from just about all angles. What are some of your responsibilities now?
A. We have a good team in this office. Shout out to my girls! I take care of donations, hot shots, and accounts payable. I’m also responsible for the D.O.T records, bulk settlement, and coordinate customer pick-ups in Londonderry. I’m on the safety committee and culture committee too!

Q. What’s the best part of your job?
A. The best part of my job is that I’m not just doing one thing. I wear a lot of hats. It keeps me busy and I like the people that I work with. That’s always important.

Q. What’s the most challenging?
A. The most challenging part is doing the payable and getting repeated vendors that will constantly overcharge us. They’ll try to fight me sometimes but I don’t back down and I thankfully have good relationships with most of them.

Q. Do you have a favorite memory from working here?
A. I have a lot of fun memories that I really like but one of my proudest memories was when I got my CDL-A license for the truck. The company hired someone to train seven of us on Saturday’s from 7 AM- 3 PM for 12 weeks. You have to know the truck inside and out. You almost have to be a mechanic! Out of all 7 of us, I was the only one to get my license on the first try!

Q. What is a common misconception about your job as an Office Administrator?
A. A lot of people think we’re just secretaries or receptionists. A lot of things wouldn’t get done if it wasn’t for us. I don’t just give people messages all day. We wear different hats and have our hands in just about everything.

Q. What is your favorite product we sell?
A. I love Coca-Cola but I also need my mandarin orange seltzer waters.

Q. You’ve seen this company change during your time here, what are your thoughts on the rebrand?
A. I like the name change and re brand! It’s exciting that it’s bringing us all together as one. Change is a good thing especially when it’s coming from the right place.

Thank you, Carriesue, for your work ethic and dedication. If you or someone you know is interested in career opportunities at Coke Northeast, visit